23 Oct 2007

American Samoan bus operators seek fare increases

2:34 pm on 23 October 2007

A newly formed bus association in American Samoa hopes to be able to raise bus fares.

Bus owners say fares have not increased in several years, despite the skyrocketing price of fuel.

Our correspondent Monica Miller says one problem is that there's no one to enforce any higher bus fares being imposed on passengers.

"American Samoa offers some of the cheapest bus fares anywhere in the region. I mean you can go from one end of the island to another for at the most 75 cents. One bus owner says that it's very hard to enforce that, and they basically go by the whims of the passengers. So if they give you 50 cents, that's it."

Monica Miller says the bus association hopes to improve services, and get better incentives from the government.