19 Oct 2007

Acting chief justice says no need to probe Fiji judiciary

4:11 pm on 19 October 2007

Fiji's acting chief justice, Anthony Gates, says there is no need for an inquiry into the judiciary similar to the one currently under way into the magistracy.

Justice Gates has told Fiji TV that no complaint has come before the Judicial Services Commission to warrant such an exercise.

He says if there is a specific complaint about a judge, it goes to the Judicial Services Commission.

Justice Gates says if there is a complaint about a judge not being able to hear a case, the application must be made to the judge in his or her own court.

The police commissioner, Commodore Teleni, recently complained to the ministry of justice that Justices Gerard Winter and Filimoni Jitoko were anti-military and should not be involved in cases involving the military or its personnel.

Meanwhile, the Commission, which is headed by Justice Gates, is soon likely to recommend the appointment of new judges for the criminal and civil high courts to replace outgoing ones.