19 Oct 2007

Fiji project wins e-culture award

2:55 pm on 19 October 2007

A project from Fiji has won the e-culture section of the 2007 World Summit Awards.

The awards recognise attempts to span the digital divide and were announced in Croatia.

The project objective was to support community based biodiversity conservation for ensuring food security and sustainable livelihoods by creating maps.

However, the maps drawn from the knowledge of locals on the island of Ovalau, and developed into two or three dimensional maps by using a computer software and with the assistance of various regional bodies. .

Anju Majal of the Fiji project says the award is a great achievement for all those involved in the projects.

"They are very excited and they can not wait to receive the award in Venice. They are all looking to it and it is a great achievement for all of us, the whole group actuality."

Anju Majal.

Projects from Vanuatu and Solomon Islands had also been put forward for an award.