19 Oct 2007

American Samoa Senate wants US help to clean up Customs and Immigration Dpts

11:07 am on 19 October 2007

The president of American Samoa's Senate Lolo Moliga has requested that Governor Togiola seek help from the US government to set the Customs and Immigration divisions of the government in order.

Lolo says a review of the two divisions has revealed some disturbing factors which add to his conviction that the territory needs help.

He says the government could be collecting more revenue from Customs if employees were honest and not after self gain.

The Senate President says there's also a climate of "spawned corruption" in Immigration and that self-serving employees are mis-directing funds which belong to the government.

He says he doesn't believe any type of local intervention will change the culture of self gain and instant gratification.

He says the Governor should solicit the help of the US immigration and US customs departments.