18 Oct 2007

Fiji's deposed PM says human rights and freedom of speech will see successful election

7:02 am on 18 October 2007

Fiji's deposed Prime Minister, Laisenia Qarase, says if an election campaign is to be successful in Fiji, it's important progress is made with human rights and freedom of speech.

Mr Qarase says he wants to be optimistic and hopes Commodore Bainimarama honours this undertaking.

He says it's a positive step for Fiji but more changes are still needed.

"We still have cases of abuse, of human rights going on, there have been breaches of the law by the interim government, I think it is important that there is progress in those two areas in the coming months. I'd like to hope that the interim government will now ensure there is no more abuse of human rights."

Fiji's deposed Prime Minister, Laisenia Qarase.

New Zealand's Prime Minister, Helen Clark, says the government is ready to support Fiji in it's path to democracy.