17 Oct 2007

American Samoa seeks links with Samoa for joint tourism promotion

4:23 pm on 17 October 2007

There has been a suggestion that American Samoa open an office in Apia to promote trade and tourism with Samoa.

America Samoa wants to have joint promotions with Samoa to capitalise on Samoa's tourism growth.

However industry representatives from Samoa who visited American Samoa said its strict immigration requirements, fees and tariffs remained a major barrier for services to improve.

Our correspondent Monica Miller says the Apia office was one recommendation that came out of talks held with the Senate President and House Speaker.

"One of the problems is when you don't have an office for American Samoa in Apia to collect the fees, then normally if a person or relative from Samoa wants to come here would ask relatives over here to pay for the permit fee and then send over the permit fee. Whereas if they had an office in Apia then it makes it much easier for the travellers themselves to just go to that office."

Monica Miller.