11 Oct 2007

Call for Pacific team to be allowed into rugby's Super 14

9:33 pm on 11 October 2007

A leading Fiji economist has called for a Pacific team to be allowed into rugby's super 14 competition with New Zealand, Australia and South AFrica.

Dr Wadan Narsey says this would be in the interests of free and fair trade in both rugby and economics.

Dr Narsey said having regular big rugby fixtures in the islands would help boost the economy, especially through tourism spillover benefits.

He cited the outstanding performance of Fiji and Tonga recently at the World Cup as evidence of how competitive Pacific countries are in rugby with far less resources than the bigger nations.

Dr Narsey says the best rugby competition in the world, the Super 14, is full of Pacific islanders and that it's time Australia and New Zealand allow a Pacific islands team to take part.