10 Oct 2007

Rail seen as more cost effective means of transport for PNG

4:13 pm on 10 October 2007

A spokesman for Papua New Guinea's National Capital District Governor says a preliminary feasibility study into a national railway system has already been completed, and is now under review.

The NCD Governor Powes Parkop is backing proposals from the Transport and Works Minister on the setting up of a national railway network, as an alternative means of transport.

The first secretary to the governor, Stanely Iko, says a rail system would increase commerce and trade, and once set up it would be more cost effective and easy to maintain than the country's costly roads structure.

"We need a railway system so it cuts off the transport cost and for fixing up the current roads, esp. to the islands up the coast and other Provinces. So train is a good thing to link up all the provinces together. That is the idea."

Mr Iko says a feasibility study and proposal by engineers at the University of Lae is now under review, and the idea will be open for public comment.