10 Oct 2007

New Zealand did not influence Tokelau on second self determination vote - administrator

4:17 pm on 10 October 2007

The New Zealand Administrator of Tokelau, David Patton, says the drive to hold another referendum on its future in quick succession has come from Tokelau itself.

In just over a week's time, the three atolls will vote again on whether to end their status as a New Zealand colony, and instead become self governing in free association with this country.

Mr Patton says New Zealand has been happy to support Tokelau's leaders:

"They decided that they did not want to leave a lengthy period of time before they came back to ask the Tokelau electorate the same questions again."

Mr Patton says the number on the roll has increased considerably this time and 789 people will be eligible to vote.

Twenty per cent or more of eligible voters were not on the roll for the vote in February last year.