10 Oct 2007

Palau chiefs see selection of staff as the key for traditional court

4:10 pm on 10 October 2007

The Council of Chiefs in Palau has welcomed plans to create a traditional court as long as it is staffed with the right people.

A bill has been tabled in the Palau Senate to create a custom court that would deal with title and other cultural issues.

The bill says the court could rely on chiefs to make rulings and it would exist alongside the western style courts.

A member of council of chiefs, Ngirakebou Roman Bedor, praises the plan, but says it needs to be thought through carefully.

"It could be a real asset. At the same time, if we do not put the right people on the bench, it can create a problem for us. But a lot of this has to depend on persons who will be sitting on the bench. And we have a lot of good people here, who will be able to handle the job."

Ngirakebou Roman Bedor says there is a custom law that all clans follow.