10 Oct 2007

Teachers strike for the first time ever in American Samoa

3:09 pm on 10 October 2007

The first ever strike by teachers in American Samoa has had little impact in most schools however organisers say they were pleased with the turnout and the support shown.

The teachers say they had no other option but to take industrial action after the government said last week it could not afford to give them pay rises.

The watch dog group Common Cause American Samoa stepped in to help organise the half day strike as there is no teachers' union in the Territory.

One striker, Art Lam Yuen, says while not many teachers took part it was still an important stand.

"Numbers may not be important at this point, I think in American Samoa we probably never had a teachers action like this, so whatever numbers we have today - and they are still coming - we really appreciate it as we are standing for teachers."

Art Lam Yuen.

Common Cause American Samoa says their next move will be determined by the government's response.