9 Oct 2007

Solomons' tourist authorities call for more effort on developing attractions

3:44 pm on 9 October 2007

The Ministry of Tourism in Solomon Islands' says a lot more effort needs to be focussed on developing tourist activities.

The ministry's deputy director, Barney Sivoro, says the Central Province is one of the more popular tourist destinations because of its close proximity to Honiara.

Its recorded growth with 11 new operations being built, though only one has so far opened..

Mr Sivoro says they need to build up their tourist attractions across the country, including making more of cultural activities.

"We just need to do more promotion and marketing, while at the same time doing more things on the ground here to attract more tourists. At the moment we have all the accommodations and stuff like that, but we're not developing more activities that would get more business coming in."

The Solomon Islands Visitors Bureau has set a target of 20-thousand tourists by 2010.

The Bureau says for the 12 months to December 2006, there were over 11,000 visitors.