4 Oct 2007

Common Cause American Samoa restates teacher strike plan

5:00 pm on 4 October 2007

Common Cause American Samoa has restated its plan for a teacher's strike next Tuesday if the Fono does not approve a bill this week to increase teachers' salaries.

The Fono has passed an act to re-direct half a million dollars from five departments, including education, to cover overspending by the Fono and Governor's Office.

At the same time, a bill to increase teachers' salaries has been put on hold.

Common Cause's president, Ben Te'o, says he is serious about the strike threat and says he has the support of more than half of the teachers in three major high schools.

"The current legislative session will be closed this Friday. I am trying to push the House of Representatives and the legislature to take action on the bill. In Tafuna high school 65 percent of the teachers are willing to go on strike. In Leone and Samoana High school fifty to fifty-five percent."

Ben Te'o says this is based on verbal support.