29 Sep 2007

Fiji military says country threatened by bombing threat

8:06 am on 29 September 2007

Fiji's military says it has received intelligence about possible bomb attacks being planned for Fiji Day next month.

The Fijilive news website says this follows weeks of speculation that unknown elements were planning to weaken the interim administration's control of the country by organising a bombing campaign.

It quotes the military spokesman, Lt Col Mosese Tikoitoga, as saying that some people had planned a bombing on September the 25th to coincide with the departure of the interim prime minister for New York.

He says this was deferred to October the 10th which is Fiji Day, although the government will hold official celebrations on Saturday October the 6th.

Lt Col Tikoitoga admits that Fiji is a "rumour rich environment" where people thrive on gossip.

But he adds that the military cannot afford to take these things lightly because they are a matter of national security.

Lt Col Tikoitoga has warned that people spreading rumours and making false predictions about the fall of the interim administration will be dealt with.

He says the police and the military stand together to support the government of the day.