24 Sep 2007

American Samoan teachers threaten strike

1:18 pm on 24 September 2007

Common Cause American Samoa says it will organise a teacher's strike if the Fono does not approve legislation to increase teachers' salaries.

The Fono has approved a bill to re-direct half a million dollars from five departments, including education, to cover overspending by the Fono and Governor's Office.

Now, the watchdog group says it will begin organising a teacher's walkout.

The President, Ben Te'o, who is a teacher, says the bill to increase teachers' salaries has been stalled because of a lack of funds.

"I'm going to go to each and every school from elementary onto the high school and petition as well as organise and island wide teacher's strike. If the teachers really want their pay raise then I know that they are going to support the strike."

The President of Common Cause American Samoa, Ben Te'o.