24 Sep 2007

Marshalls summit to discuss Taiwan tuna boat blockade

3:28 pm on 24 September 2007

A summit in the Marshall Islands next month is expected to discuss Taiwan's decision to block tuna fishing vessels in Taiwanese shipyards.

The vessels are being built in joint ventures between Taiwanese companies and the governments of Tuvalu and the Marshall islands.

But the Taiwanese government has stopped their release amid concern by scientists about over-fishing because of the increase in the number of vessels.

The Marshall Islands and Tuvalu hope to deal with their concerns when Taiwan's President Chen Shui-bian visits Majuro on October the 12th.

The Taiwan Pacific Allies summit will see more than 150 people gather at the newly built five-million US dollar and Taiwanese-funded convention center.

The leaders from Solomon Island, Kiribati, Nauru and Palau are also expected to join the summit.