21 Sep 2007

American Samoa Fono gives second reading to bill to override Governor's veto powers

10:27 am on 21 September 2007

The American Samoa Fono would have final authority to override the governor's veto authority under a proposed constitutional amendment which the Senate gave a second reading yesterday.

Under the constitution, if a bill is vetoed by the governor the Fono can re-pass it then submit it to the Governor again.

If the governor vetoes the bill a second time he must then submit the bill to the Secretary of the Interior with his comments.

If the secretary of the Interior approves the bill within 90 days, it becomes law otherwise it lapses.

The proposed amendment would give the Fono the final authority, which means once it re-passes a bill that has been vetoed by the governor, the governor must sign it into law.

The proposed amendment, must be approved by both houses by a three fifths majority vote and then submitted to the governor to be placed on the ballot in the next general election.

If it is approved by voters the amendment would then go to the US congress for final approval.