20 Sep 2007

Critical Fiji elections report lacks substance says former electoral official

3:33 pm on 20 September 2007

Fiji's former supervisor of elections, Semesa Karavaki, says a report highly critical of last year's general election lacks substance.

The report was commissioned by the Fiji Human Rights Commission and prepared by veteran Suva lawyer, G P Lala, the former president of the SVT party, cabinet minister and top diplomat, Taufa Vakatale, and New Zealand political scientist, Dr David Neilson.

Mr Karavaki, who was removed as supervisor of elections by the interim government, says the report was prepared by people who lack an understanding of the electoral process.

He says the report should not be given any credibility because it highlights racial issues.

Mr Karavaki says writing a lengthy report would not change the fact that international observers came to Fiji, saw the actual process and gave credibility to the elections.

He says the Elections Office had done whatever was required of it and the world accepted that.

Mr Karavaki says the report came up with findings most of which had been highlighted in the past.