17 Sep 2007

NZ volunteers to help in Samoa

6:21 am on 17 September 2007

Repairing water tanks and providing new computers to a school are among the tasks planned by a group of Auckland students who are spending their summer volunteering in Samoa.

The six students, who are all members of a group called CREW, or Community Relief Through Engineering Work, will spend three weeks in Apia in December.

The founder of CREW, Haydn Luckman, says his six member team has several infrastructure projects lined up.

"Perhaps our biggest one is repairing and maybe even replacing water tanks in schools in Apia. We are also taking over computers from companies here in Auckland. We will take them over there, install them and teach the kids how to use them. We will also be working in hospitals and help them repair any electrical or mechanical equipment."

Haydn Luckman says they are also planning to design and construct a small commercial boat landing.

CREW has fundraised 9 000 US dollars in cash and equipment so far, but is looking for more support.