15 Sep 2007

Indonesians contribute radio sets to remote Papua area

9:53 am on 15 September 2007

Indonesians have donated hundreds of radio sets for people in the Yahukimo district of Papua region where a new radio station has been launched.

Indonesia's only independent radio news agency, 68 H, has launched its new radio station, Pikonane, in the Yahukimo area.

As well as news, Pikonane radio also broadcasts information of local interest on issues such as farming and health.

68 H's managing-director, known as Santoso, says remote areas of Papua desperately need more information and communication services.

He says 68 H's distribution of 1500 sets of radio equipment sets to people in the area drew contributions from people in other parts of the country.

"One thing that made me happy is that when we announced that, quite many peope in Jakarta wanted to contribute to give more radios for the people there. Like yesterday I have a friend who called and said he wanted to give five hundred more because many of the families don't have equipment and service."

He says Pikonane can be reached in the Yahukimo area on 1278 kHz all day long.