11 Sep 2007

PNG Government called on to show political will over illegal gun issue

6:08 pm on 11 September 2007

The Papua New Guinea government is being told it must show the political will to deal with the growing problem of illegal guns in the country.

PNG's former military commander, Major General Jerry Singirok, who headed a gun control committee that sought views around the country two years ago, says the government has ignored their report.

He says there are more guns in circulation now and they are posing a greater problem in terms of security and threats to the country's image.

Major-General Singirok says the government should table his committee's gun report, make the necessary legislative changes, ensure there are resources to stop guns crossing the border and use the security forces to enforce the gun laws.

"We wanted the government to create a gun control body which would set a strategy of plans to commence the process of monitoring and eradicating guns."