30 Aug 2007

Fiji Methodists' Sunday ban plan opposed

4:17 pm on 30 August 2007

There's been strong opposition in Fiji to demands by the Methodist Church that all Sunday trading and business be banned.

The vicar general of the Roman Catholic Church in Fiji, Father Ben Kaloudou, has told Radio Legend that the Methodist Church should not try to impose the Sunday ban as it is unfair to the majority of Fiji's population.

Father Kaloudou says the Methodist Church, whose members comprise a third of the population, needs to be sensitive to the remaining 67 percent of the people.

He says if the ban goes through, it would be very unfair because the Methodist Church is pushing its own agenda and not respecting the beliefs of the other 67 percent who are members of other churches and other faiths, all of whom also believe in God.

Father Kaloudou says their beliefs need to be respected and no one should be enslaved by the Sunday ban.

He says Sunday is not demeaned nor God brought low by trading and doing business on Sundays.

The mayor of Nadi, Timoci Koroiqica, says it would be unfair to ban Sunday trading because theirs is a tourist town and they have to serve their people seven days a week.

Mr Koroiqica says the Methodists can close their businesses on Sundays and go to church, but this should not be forced on others.