30 Aug 2007

Deposed Fiji PM dismisses latest report into December military takeover

4:16 pm on 30 August 2007

The deposed Prime Minister of Fiji has dismissed the latest report by Fiji's Human Rights Commission into the military overthrow of his government last December.

The report, which is written by the commission director Dr Shaista Shameem, states that the removal of Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase and his government did not violate his human rights.

It concludes that the President acted according to the constitution in the removal of the Prime Minister and by providing immunity from prosecution for the military.

Mr Qarase says he has read the constitution a number of times and has found no reference to such presidential powers.

He says he doubts whether the report will be taken seriously.

"I am surprised but then again this woman has had some fairly controversial reports recently particularly in relation to the crisis in Fiji over the last few months and there have been a lot of criticisms in Fiji about some of those reports. I'm sure her latest report will attract the same sort of criticism as well."

Laisenia Qarase