30 Aug 2007

New Hawaii ferry service faced with resistance over military links

3:53 pm on 30 August 2007

A Hawaiian activist says there is widespread opposition to the Hawaii Superferry because of the military's involvement in the venture.

Juan Wilson says people have been protesting against the new inter-island ferry, since it began its operations two days earlier than scheduled this week.

The ferry service has been suspended until further notice because of litigation and ongoing protests.

He says the board of Superferry has military officers on it, and it appears the vessel hasn't been designed for a civilian purpose.

Mr Wilson says there are also other concerns, as a striker brigade has been earmarked to use the ferry to transport combat equipment.

"One of our fears is that this would be one way of spreading a toxic form of uranium dust, particularly in powdered form in the back of pickup trucks. It's not appropriate to move civilians and military equipment on the same deck or on the same boat without the civilians' awareness. Another thing it does it makes the civilian ferry, a legitimate military target. 24"

Juan Wilson says many environmentalists are also protesting against the ferry.