30 Aug 2007

Maui group opposes new Hawaii ferry

1:35 pm on 30 August 2007

An environmental organisation in Hawaii, Maui Tomorrow, says it is confident of getting a court injunction to keep the Superferry out of operation, until an environmental impact review is completed.

Hawaii Superferry began operations earlier than scheduled this week but the service has been met with widespread opposition from environmental groups.

The court has granted a temporary restraining order on Monday on the new inter-island ferry until September the 6th.

Maui Tomorrow spokesperson, Irene Bowie, says there is widespread opposition to the Superferry, especially because no study has been done as to how the service might impact on the environment.

"Vehicles that are on the Superferry everyday offloading and onloading without really strict inspections, we feel that there is a very great threat that invasive species could be transported on the undercarriage of the vehicles or in the tyres. We also are very concerned about the humpback whales here every winter, and quality of life issues with the traffic impact."

Maui Tomorrow's Irene Bowie