28 Aug 2007

American Samoa house of representatives approves calls for report on immigration

9:19 am on 28 August 2007

The American Samoa House of Representatives has approved a bill calling for a major detailed annual report on the status of immigration in the territory.

The bill, sponsored by nine House members, now goes to the Senate for their review and consideration.

The measure calls for a "coordinated implementation of the territory's immigration laws by governmental departments and agencies.

They are to look at the social, economic, law enforcement, and cultural impact and consequences of the territory's immigration policies, practices and procedures."

The bill requires the Attorney General's Office to provide, among other things, an annual list of foreign nationals that control corporations holding business licenses in the territory; a summary of all foreign national deportation cases conducted by the Board

It would also need to provide a summary of the total number of aliens, their nationalities, and their immigration status in the territory.