25 Aug 2007

Some police officers in PNG's Western Province implicated in illegal arms for drugs trade

10:06 am on 25 August 2007

Some members of the police in the Western Province of Papua New Guinea have been implicated in the illegal arms for drugs trade.

The Post Courier newspaper reports that Southern divisional commander, Assistant Commissioner Jim Wan, has praised police for the conviction of five people there on drugs and arms offences.

But he says various members of the police in the province had been implicated.

He says a senior officer from headquarters has been sent to the provincial capital, Daru, to investigate.

Assistant Commissioner Wan says the latest convictions add credibility to long held police suspicions that Daru was an entry point for illegal firearms into the country and an exit point for drugs like marijuana.

He says the illegal importation of arms must be seen not only as a law and order issue but a national security and sovereignty issue.