22 Aug 2007

Juvenile facility being investigated for the Cook Islands

2:02 pm on 22 August 2007

Work is being undertaken to look at setting up a facility for juvenile delinquents in the Cook Islands.

The Justice minister, Tangata Vavia, says he is talking with the New Zealand Corrections department to investigate their facilities and see what would be appropriate for the Cook Islands.

Mr Vavia also says he wants Cook Islanders living in New Zealand to stop sending their kids back to Rarotonga after they've committed crimes because the problem is exported.

He says they become ringleaders and commit more crimes.

Mr Vavia says juvenile delinquency is now such a problem that the country has to look at setting up a facility.

"We'll be looking at a facility, the best that we can have, to accommodate our juvenile delinquents. That's been an issue recently and we'll be looking at that and also having a staff to look after that facility."

Tangata Vavia.