20 Aug 2007

Federally funded engineers needed in American Samoa to complete projects

8:07 pm on 20 August 2007

The American Samoan Senate is pressing the governor to secure funds to employ qualified engineers for the Department of Public works.

It has already passed a resolution calling on the governor to obtain a grant of half a million US dollars from the US Department of Interior.

Senators were told at a hearing last week that public works does not have an engineer with a principle of engineering qualification and this is a major factor delaying capital improvement projects.

Federally funded projects require project designs to be reviewed and certified by an engineer with PE credentials.

The resolution introduced by Senator Alo Stevenson noted that the federal government has awarded the government over $100 milion worth of capital improvement project funds.

He says some projects approved over ten years ago have not been implemented.

The Senator says this has delayed and hindered progress in providing modern infrastucture needed for the territory to develop.