17 Aug 2007

Fiji tourism body against anti-Chinese comments

3:37 pm on 17 August 2007

The President of the Fiji Islands Hotel and Tourism Association says concerns that visa exemptions for Chinese nationals will result in increased crime are very unfair.

Dixon Seeto's comments come after a decision by Fiji's interim government to scrap visas for nationals from China and Hong Kong.

Mr Seeto says the criticism is selective.

"This is again stereotyping one community versus another. As I said, if they comply with the visa requirements I think that would tend to filter out quite a lot of the undesirable elements. What's stopping other nationalities from coming in here and committing crimes, you know. We also have other nations with visa free entry, why are there no concerns about them?"

The National Federation Party has said it is concerned visa exemptions will create an opening for the Chinese mafia.