15 Aug 2007

Fiji legal group seek reinstatement of former Chief Justice

9:09 am on 15 August 2007

A group of Fiji lawyers has petitioned the president, Ratu Josefa Iloilo, to reinstate the suspended chief justice, Daniel Fatiaki.

Although the petition handed in at Government House yesterday has been in circulation for two months, it is not clear how many of Fiji's 300-plus lawyers signed it with some estimates ranging between 50 and 100.

Fiji TV says it calls on President Iloilo to reinstate Justice Fatiaki because the allegations against him have not been substantiated.

The Law Society president, Devanesh Sharma says there is nothing wrong in the President obtaining independent legal advice and reviewing his decision.

But veteran lawyer and one-time Suva mayor, G P Lala, says he does not think the President will act on the concerns in the petition.

Mr Lala says the President will take advice which would be to let the case go to a tribunal which is to be appointed by the middle of September.

Mr Lala says Fiji is not Pakistan where there was a big fight for the suspended chief justice and he was reinstated.