9 Aug 2007

Call in PNG for electoral rolls to be upgraded

1:50 pm on 9 August 2007

Improvements to the way Papua New Guinea electoral rolls are compiled must be made as soon as possible.

That is the view of the executive director of the PNG Institute of National Affairs, Paul Barker, who says it is critical that proper audit processes are in place.

In the just completed election many people complained about being left off the rolls while they included thousands of fictitious names.

Mr Barker says the construction of the rolls goes through a series of stages which give opportunities for them to be manipulated.

He says there have to be means of independently auditing the rolls..

"There are a lot of dedicated and hardworking people who have been involved in the whole process, but there are too many opportunities down the track to manipulate, and while as I say you have independent monitors at the election, at the field sites you need to have that independent auditing all the way through the system."

Paul Barker