8 Aug 2007

Fiji union leader says it had no choice but to call off strike

7:18 am on 8 August 2007

A Fiji union leader says they had no choice but to call off a strike after six days because of the government's refusal to refer their concerns to arbitration.

Taniela Tabu of the Viti National Union of Taukei Workers says members are returning to work this morning.

The Public Employees Union workers are also going back to their jobs today.

Along with two other unions they had been pushing for the restoration of five percent cut from public servants wages earlier this year and the payment of a ten percent cost of living adjustment.

Union legal action over the lowering of the retirement age to 55 remains before the courts and Mr Tabu says they will seek a court ruling on the wages issues as well.

"These two issues will now be dealt with in the High Court - these are the five percent pay cut and the restoration of the ten percent COLA, cost of living adjustment, in the partnership agreement."