6 Aug 2007

Head of Tonga PSA sacked for union activities

7:40 pm on 6 August 2007

An outspoken trade unionist in Tonga has been sacked from her public service job.

Mele Amanaki, the acting secretary of the Public Servants Association, was a senior official in the Ministry of Agriculture but our correspondent says she was sacked after the government deemed she had become involved in politics.

The PSA had sent findings to the Government of a survey of its members which showed a strong desire for political reform to be implemented by next year.

This was deemed to contravene the code of conduct for public servants in Tonga.

A month ago the acting president of the PSA, Vili Vete, was forced to take leave from the Education Ministry over similar allegations and he is waiting to hear whether or not he will be dismissed from his job.

He has sent out a letter says the commissioners of the Public Service Commission had not been working in the interests of public servants and should stand down.