2 Aug 2007

2,000 people still living in tents in Solomon Islands 4 months after tsunami

10:50 am on 2 August 2007

Approximately 2,000 people are still living in tents in the provincial capital of Solomon Islands Western Province, Gizo, nearly 4 months after the tsunami and earthquake hit the area.

A spokesperson for World Vision in Gizo, Jay Hong, says life is slowly getting back to normal but many people in the town have not returned to their homes.

He says it's been very wet for three weeks and food gardens have been destroyed so it has been quite miserable.

"A lot of people are still living in tents, still waiting for the reaction from the government as to how they're going to rehabilitate them in terms of shelter. Most of the tents are starting to wear out now so it's quite difficult for the people to keep living in these tents."

Mr Hong says there are also people on the nearby islands of Simbo and Ranongga who are still living in tents although many have begun rebuilding their homes.