31 Jul 2007

Tonga's PSA hopeful to table all concerns with the government

2:46 pm on 31 July 2007

Tonga's Public Service Association says it hopes to discuss all its concerns with the government this week.

The PSA responded today to the Minister of Public Enterprises' request for a meeting on Thursday.

The secretary general of the PSA, Mele Amanaki, says there are a range of issues that need to be discussed and somehow resolved.

"Firstly its our collective agreement on our lost benefits that we're hoping to gain most of them through these talks. And secondly, a partnership quality agreement to improve service delivery and our working relationship with government, the public service commission and our heads of department. And thirdly a proposal regarding the cancellation of the 180 million dollar loan from China."

Mele Amanaki says the PSA also wants to discuss the establishment of a public fund to replace the loan from China and its proposal for political reform in Tonga.