31 Jul 2007

Tongan PSA hopes Thursday meeting with government will settle dispute

1:56 pm on 31 July 2007

Tonga's Public Service Association says it's hopeful that talks with the government will result in a resolution this week.

The PSA was threatening industrial action if a meeting with the government wasn't held to discuss the union's concerns.

This includes the failure of the government to abide by a Memorandum of Understanding signed two years ago.

PSA Secretary General, Mele Amanaki, says the Association has confirmed Thursday's meeting with

the Minister of Public Enterprises today.

The Minister Afu'alo Matoto has asked the PSA to stop making any more threats of boycotts prior to talks.

But Mele Amanaki says the minister's request is unreasonable.

"In 2005, when we entered the talks regarding the MOU, we have entered it with goodwill and we have signed the agreement in good faith, with respect, trust and fairness that the government would abide by it, and they did not abide by it, now 20 months later they open the doors for us and we are willing to come and talk with them but we will not withdraw the boycott problem."

Mele Amanaki of Tonga's Public Service Association