30 Jul 2007

Solomon Islands government called on to reconsider approach to logging companies

3:26 pm on 30 July 2007

There is a call for the Solomon Islands government to reconsider its approach to the logging companies operating in the country following a clash between protestors and a logging security company.

Six women were protesting against a logging operation on Vella Lavella in Western Province and one was taken to hospital with a knife wound while another has a suspected fractured bone after a confrontation with Omex Logging company security staff.

The president of the National Council of Women, Hilda Kari, was commenting after the incident and a report which states that some men working in logging camps are sexually exploiting children.

Mrs Kari says the issues need to be addressed and the operations of the logging companies more closely monitored by the government.

"They rely so much on logging as much of their revenue collection, and every time we talk about this area in terms of issues, it's very hard to get through to them but we believe that the Solomon Islands government - it's time for them to do something for their people rather than just thinking about the money side of things."

Hilda Kari from the National Council of Women.