30 Jul 2007

Fiji Nurses Association threatens pulling more nurses into strike

2:36 pm on 30 July 2007

The Fiji Nurses Association has threatened pulling more nurses into ongoing strike action if the government doesn't agree to meet and discuss its demands today.

This follows the Interim prime minister saying it would be impractical to meet with the Association if they insist on full restoration of their 5 percent pay cut.

Commodore Frank Bainimarama's response came as the nationwide nurses' strike entered its sixth day today.

Commodore Bainimarama says he will only meet with the Association general secretary, Kuini Lutua, when she is willing to understand the government's point of view.

But Mrs Lutua says it is the government's responsibility to make a decision today to meet and start bargaining.

"Otherwise the Association will be in a position to call out all the other members - the senior members of the Association who are manning the different hospitals and health centres right now. We're also prepared to call out our student nurses, our members who are in the school to come out also because they have been used now to provide care with minimum supervision."

Kuini Lutua