26 Jul 2007

Solomon Islands provincial leaders says PM should take heed of public concern

11:11 am on 26 July 2007

A provincial leader in Solomon Islands says the Prime Minister should take heed of public concern about police re-armament and could expect MP defections if he doesn't.

A paramount Guadalcanal chief, Walter Naezon, says the block of government MPs from his province will not necessarily quit the government if their demands aren't met.

A recent meeting of Guadalcanal leaders drafted a number of demands for the MPs to present to the Prime Minister.

The main three were that he immediately remove Julian Moti as Attorney general, and Jahir Kah, the new Police Commissioner, as well as drop plans to re-arm units of the local police force.

Mr Naezon says there is considerable concern about these related issues in the province.

"I mean even the Prime Minister. If he sees the pressure from the people over what his government's doing, he should voluntarily step down - for the good of this country. I give credit to members of parliament from Guadacanal if they resign, if the Prime Minister continues to do that."