25 Jul 2007

Catholic Bishops conference to discuss Christian ways to approach HIV/AIDS

1:40 pm on 25 July 2007

A Catholic Bishops conference in Samoa is to discuss ways in which Christians around the region can deal with HIV/AIDS.

The secretary-general of the conference, Father Roger McCarrick, says the Bishops will not be talking about the medical aspects or safe sex messages which others are doing but to consider how the communities can approach it spiritually.

He says it's the first time the issue of HIV/AIDS will be discussed at the conference because there is an awareness that they need to be prepared for it.

Father Roger says the key message for the Bishops will be to focus on compassion.

"First of all, establish and then continue to encourage a good Christian atmosphere in which people can live so that if they're afflicted by any disease or any epidemic, that they're able to deal with it in a Christian manner. Not to shame and blame but to deal with it as compassionately as possible."

Father Roger McCarrick.