19 Jul 2007

Kiribati parliament gets four more seats after next month's election

1:47 pm on 19 July 2007

The number of parliamentary seats in Kiribati being contested at this year's national election has risen.

Voters from 23 electoral districts will go to the polls on August the 22nd.

Our correspondent Roz Terubea says since the last election, the number of seats in parliament has gone up from 40 to 44.

"This coming election, the four islands, their seats have been increased due to the given number of population in the given districts. These islands are Tabu or internationally known as Fanning Island, and Christmas Island also in Kiribati east, and Makin in Kiribati north in the Gilbert group, and North Tarawa. 21"

Roz Terubea says given the poor turnout during by-elections, there is hope people will exercise their right to vote next month.

Voter registration and candidate nominations close July the 25th.