19 Jul 2007

Two critics of Fiji's interim administration go to court over travel ban

7:56 am on 19 July 2007

Two prominent critics of Fiji's interim administration whose travel bans were lifted this week have decided to press ahead with their court challenge.

Lawyer Graham Leung and Women's Crisis centre co-ordinator Shamima Ali had their travel bans revoked by the director of immigration, Commander Viliame Naipoto, who says he followed instruction from the ministry of home affairs.

Ms Ali says she has decided to purse the matter in court to ensure that she is not prevented from leaving the country in future.

Graham Leung's lawyer, Jon Apted, has given similar reasons saying they are seeking a judicial review of the travel ban because it could be imposed again in future.

The matter was heard by in chambers yesterday by Justice Jiten Singh who will rule next whether the judicial review should go ahead.

The defendants, the interim prime minister, the interim attorney general and the director of immigration, are represented by New Zealand lawyer Christopher Pryde.