18 Jul 2007

Kiribati electoral commission promotes voting awareness

7:15 pm on 18 July 2007

Kiribati's electoral commission has just about completed its awareness programmes to educate people about the voting process.

Voters in 23 electoral districts are set to go to the polls for the national election on August the 22nd.

Rine Ueara says they've just completed educating secondary school students who've just turned 18, and are eligible to vote for the first time.

She says they're also running programmes for the general public.

"It's basically on the importance of elections, and what people need to know, why it's important to have elections. And the second one is what is their right, what's the voter's right, how do they elect, and the pressures and interferences from the campaign and how they can deal with it on polling day."

Rine Ueara says the other thing they emphasise is the confidentiality of their vote.

The exact number of candidates contesting the 44 parliamentary seats will be known next week.