18 Jul 2007

Solomons teachers to strike indefinitely after rejecting minister's offer

1:21 pm on 18 July 2007

The Solomon Islands National Teachers Association, or SINTA, says teachers will continue their nation-wide strike indefinitely.

The 6,000 teachers say they will remain defiant to any call to return to class until their salary is adjusted according to the government-approved revised scheme of service.

The teachers started the strike on Monday in frustration at continued government stalling over the implementation of the scheme.

The teachers met yesterday to consider the latest proposal by the Minister of Education.

SINTA's Johnley Hatimoana says the Minister's proposal for re-levelling teachers' pay was insufficient.

"Based on these reasons, the proposal that was given to us by the Minister was rejected yesterday and the teachers voted one hundred percent to continue with their strike for an indefinite period until the Ministry of Education implements the whole re-levelling exercise."

The teachers have also agreed to exert additional pressure on government to demand the removal of the Minister for Education.