18 Jul 2007

Fiji's revenue and customs chief facing axe

10:39 am on 18 July 2007

The Fiji Revenue and Customs Authority's chief executive, Tevita Banuve, will be asked to step down for refusing to hand over tax details of a client to the Independent Commission Against Corruption.

The Fiji Times reports that this has been confirmed by the acting interim finance minister, Jone Navakamocea.

Mr Navakamocea says he had recommend Mr Banuve's removal to the interim prime minister at Monday's cabinet meeting.

He says the Revenue Authority's chairman, Filipe Bole, would not have a choice but to remove Mr Banuve following the directive from the interim government.

Mr Navakamocea says Mr Banuve did not respond to a court order and search warrant given to him two weeks ago.

Fiji TV reported last night that investigators from the Independent Commission Against Corruption were investigating the tax affairs of the suspended chief justice, Daniel Fatiaki, for use by the tribunal which will hear charges against him.