14 Jul 2007

Fiji interim transport minister revokes unionist's appointment to state-owned company

7:40 am on 14 July 2007

Fiji's interim minister for transport, Manu Korovulavula, has ordered the board of the 51% state-owned company, Air Terminal Services, to immediately revoke the appointment of trade unionist Rajeshwar Singh as its chairman.

News of the appointment almost coinciding with the withdrawal of a strike notice by the Fiji Public Service Association of which Mr Singh is the general secretary caused an outcry.

Rival unions said it was a pay-off for Mr Singh calling off a strike by thousands of his civil servant members.

Mr Korovulavula has told Radio Legend that it was never his intention or the intention of the government to have Mr Singh appointed chairman of Air Terminal Services.

He says specific instructions were given to government board members to appoint Manasa Baravilala as the company chairman.

The minister says he has ordered the company board to take his instructions into account and reverse their decision.