12 Jul 2007

American Samoa Chamber of Commerce applauds independence of Tourism Office

10:04 am on 12 July 2007

The American Samoa Chamber of Commerce says it is very pleased and fully supports the move by Governor Togiola to make the Tourism Office a semi autonomous authority.

At present the Office of Tourism is a Division of the Department of Commerce but the governor is introducing a bill that would make the office independent.

According to Chamber President David Robinson the chamber has had a lot of input into the legislation that's being submitted to the Fono.

He says for instance the board is made up of a wide range of representatives involved in the sector.

"They range from the director of commerce, to a member from the office of Samoan affairs, people from the private sector in experience with airline, hotels, travel agents or the president of the chamber of commerce or their nominee and a member from the parks service. So its a pretty broad range of people there to be able to drive the tourist bureau."