11 Jul 2007

Jakarta accused of backing Islamic militia to fight Papuans

8:03 pm on 11 July 2007

There are more claims that Jakarta is sponsoring and arming Islamic militia groups moving into Papua province and fighting against Papuans.

The West Papua National Coalition for Liberation says such groups are increasing as part of the Indonesian government's attempts to suppress Papuan separatism.

The coalition says that Papuan students have been terrorised by Islamic militia and an Indonesian nationalist group in Yogyakarta in recent days.

It says forty five Papuan student leaders have fled their dormitories following threats issued by Front Pembela Islam and the Indonesian Anti-Communist Front.

The threats follow the students' demonstrations over Jakarta's decision to ban a US congressman from visiting Papua last week.

The coalition's Jonah Wenda says Jakarta is now placing Islamic militants on Papua's border with PNG.

"North to South... to destroy Papuans. And they want control over our land. And the TNI (Indonesian military) is giving out arms to support these groups, militants, militia who fight against the separatist movements, against the Papuans."