10 Jul 2007

Taxi drivers fear thugs on the streets in Fiji

7:45 pm on 10 July 2007

The Fiji Taxi Union says taxi drivers do not feel safe because criminals are not afraid of the police.

The comments come after three people were arrested following the discovery of a 40-year old taxi driver's body in a creek just outside Labasa on Sunday.

The general secretary of the Fiji Tax Union, Rishi Ram, says the incident has shocked the small community.

He says because of low employment, and a lack of money, there's been a lot of recent criminal activities and it's time that police were equipped with guns.

"The thugs here in Fiji are not at all afraid of the police. And when the police are on the streets, robberies increases alot. Our only people the thugs are afraid of in Fiji is the army. I think if the police are equipped with the guns, then the thugs will be afraid of the police with the guns."

Rishi Ram says there are check points being set up around town at night, so taxi drivers can approach police if they feel threatened.